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WT-RC-Ex model receivers are made out of a light and durable aluminum frame, have a high impact Polyurethane cast handle, and polycarbonate internals. Completely sealed, they are waterproof. They feature 200 hours of continuous operation on one set of batteries (8 x C Cell Alkaline) – dependant on use of optional external strobe, backlight, and signal detection. They are small, and easy to handle. The key feature of our receiver is ease of use - ONE HAND OPERATION.

Included with a receiver kit, and also available as additional accessories are a nylon case, an external antenna, an extension cable, and a hard sided carrying case. Receivers come strobe-equipped, out of the box. This allows an optional external strobe light (purchased separately from the kit) to be plugged into the receiver. This light is triggered by the signal detection of the receiver and serves to alert the operator remotely that a transmitter has been detected. Additional strobe lights can also be ordered as accessories

The WT-RC-Ex model receivers also feature push button gain controls, low battery warning, and a buzzer switch to silence the detection tone.

  • Rugged design with aluminum chassis, and external nylon case.
  • Easy to use, can be operated with one hand using internal antenna.
  • LED and analog meter indication of signal strength.
  • Backlight for night time operation.
  • Long battery life (> 200 hours depending on use).
  • AC hum reduction filtering.
  • Optional external strobe module (for remote indication of passage).
  • Detects coded transmitter - Code A (15 Hz) , Code B (19 Hz) and Code C (26 Hz)
  • Comes with an external antenna and 50 ft. extension cable.
  • Ingress Protection level: IP68

Our receivers are very sensitive to even weak signals. The display includes both an analog meter and a digital LED light bar to provide an easy way to view signal strength. The backlight lights up when ambient light levels are low, making it easy to see in any lighting condition. Digital detection and AC hum rejection circuitry provide good noise rejection even in noisy electrical environments.

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