Patented Pig Tracking System

Multiple Pig Tracking with One Receiver

The Wavetrak Coded System

Coded transmitters and receivers are unique to the Wavetrak pipeline tool product line.

By using a coded transmitter and a coded receiver, our system allows the operator to distinguish between up to 5 different transmitters in one train (Standard 22 Hz, Continuous 22 Hz, and Codes A, B and C).

Nearly all transmitter models are available in either a standard 22 Hz pulse mode, continuous 22 Hz mode, or one of 3 codes (A, B or C).

The coded model transmitters also emit a standard 22 Hz tone along with their code to ensure that they can be tracked with either a Wavetrak standard receiver, or other existing receiver products on the market.

Using a Wavetrak WT06C coded receiver allows the operator to identify which pig he is tracking by displaying the code of the transmitter he is receiving.

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